Welcome to another great day in life even in these hard times.

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Last day updated:
May 28, 2009 7:47 PM

Outline of changes to come:

Virtual Office Manager - We are open at this time to help thous who need a officer manager while they travel or have
the extra help in their business. More information is coming soon.

The Agricultural Corps Research Labs aka (AgriCorps)-purpose is to build and train common families how to raise food
at home with hydroponics systems and build a aquaponics system in the soon to be new Fortress Center.

The Labor Services of the Fortress after another full summer is looking into building a better work force for next year and
to broaden our services that we offer.

The formation of the Celtic Knights is now in its draft phase. The purpose is taken from ideas of vast resources and
people idea's that was seent to us. To have a social group for teens and older to join and have fun yet progress into
a more life time enjoyment. The Celtic Knights is built into several parts.

            The teen/youth - will include Royal Rangers training, martial arts, paintball and other fun activities.

            College or Young adult - higher levels of the above training plus social group events and career building.

            Adults - A social group of like minded people in groups that enjoy common ideas and activities like SCA
            events (medieval times), the Jedi social group, compettion paintball team, the hunters guild, and the natures
            wild thing group.

The outline of building the fortress center is in the beginning stages and we will keep everyne updated on them as we