So you would like to know about us?

Well lets start of who we are.
      We are a community of people coming together to help each other out both spiritually and physically in a world that
is losing control everyday. Our foundation comes from several walks of life that we have merged into one place.

      First we have our spiritual foundations. We believe in the creator of all life on this planet and the creation of the
universe. We look and study all beliefs so we can have a better understanding of our world and thous who live in it.
Though we do have prayer services and meditation groups, our goal is to train people how to do this on their own
and in their family home. The goal here is to create faith not religion in the creator and build the spiritual needs that we
need to live strong lives.

      Second we look at the physical part of life. We must train the body and soul to be in harmony with nature and man.
Following the Shaolin ways and works we build our community as well on these teachings. We offer courses as part as
our community to train in various forms of arts. Thus bring harmony to our bodies and with each other.

      Third comes from the Celt times in Europe. We people live with nature and live off nature, not a destroyer of nature.
We study how the Celts lived in past times and work to live such a style in modern times. Nature is here before us and
will be after us, so we must learn to be one with it and use what the creator has given us to help grow and take care of
the needs of the community.

By working on the above three area's, we work to build a better tomorrow, today for our kids. The government, nor
businesses are, so we must take it appond ourselves to do so. Here are some examples in how we are doing this.

1) Sports and activitie groups that build confidence in the younger poeple. Marital Arts, Royal Rangers and school sports.

2) Hydroponics or Aquaponics to grow food for one's family or community. With gas going up so does food, so we have
started a training program to help families out feeding themselves and then the community.

3) Going green is by using nature and thus using alternative energy sources to power our homes and transportations. We
work to expand this to many area's of everyday life.